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Ganzberg is a German Beer. We serve you the best beer and we are premium beer brand in Cambodia.

German Premium Beer

You might already know the idea to make a perfect picnic, but you might not ever think of grabbing this chance - enjoying delicious food in the wonderful nature with the Ganzberg taste, to build a deeper friendship with your companions or beloved ones?

Through the following six secret tips, you will truly be able to bond with them as much purposeful as you wish.

1- Choose Perfect Spot and Date

Any place where fresh air, water sources - a beach, near riverside or a lake, and surrounded by green scenery is an ideal destination for a picnic. Because that area will make everyone feeling fresher with the amazing GANZBERG taste.

After that, choose a special day like birthday, wedding anniversary, first date or love confession day to get a big surprise from your beloved friends or darlings. But don't forget to capture every second of the buzz, so that those moments won’t be lost from your mind!

German Premium Beer

2- Entertaining and Relaxing Acts

Now it’s the step to think of how to build up a more intimacy with your loved ones during that time. Don't waste the good opportunity! Create extra activities after meal like fishing, talking, and enjoying with cool Ganzberg beers. Besides, you can build a music band with just a guitar player and a singing. Taking group photos with fantastic backgrounds will be another job you should not forget. You can find great styles on google for help if you have no any idea.

3- Prepare Fun Games

Create kinds of romantic or group playing games like kite-flying, secret-whispering, or/and hide-and-seek, etc. You can add more activities like singing song alphabetically by turning from one to another. Then, make the song louder with the sound of cheering up Ganzberg beers. Nothing is happier than making a picnic in this way.

German Premium Beer

4- Reveal What Keep in Heart

You can sit in a circle shape and each of you begin to disclose from one to another what has kept in heart for a long time. It could be the most horror story, funny ones, or a failed-in love experience. Everyone can tell the story while enjoying with some drink and food at the same time. If you would like to admit love or propose marriage someone, this is a great opportunity. Don’t hesitate! You can also ask your friends for compromising in advance.

5- Prepare More Flavorful Lunch or Dinner

You can set up a small table or just put a tablecloth on the grass and find wildflowers for decorating with candles (for the night). Don't forget to prepare Ganzberg beers cooling in the icebox as the drink with some snack like sandwich. If you go with friends is even more fun. Just put small tables together or prepare a lager picnic carpet by the number of participants.

German Premium Beer

German Premium Beer

German Premium Beer

6- Share Happy Memories

Lastly, you can share the experiences and meaningful moments on social media after the time. So that, for those of your friends and family uninvolved, when they see them, they will ask you with a lot of questions - via chart or phone calls.

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