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A picnic is just a simple meal gathering that is usually held at natural environment. Even though, you can make it as an ultimate joyful occasion if you realize everything to be apt in advance.

You have to find the answer of these questions: where should be the best spot? When would be the most appropriate time? Who should invite? And what activities should do during and after the time?

Please don’t be panic if you could not answer. It is not difficult, because everything has been described below.

German Premium Beer

1- Prepare Plan Ahead

No work can be accomplished without planning, so does the cookout. You should think about the location, the time, and the fun activities should occur during that time. A natural meadow next to water resources like a lake or a river in the summer surrounding by tall trees is perfect for such a delicious gathering trip.

After the meal, you could sit, fish, taste cool GANZBERG beers, and chatting with friends. Also, you will be like to take the bath in the lake and then play a game of taking care each other, singing songs alphabetically, hiding and seeking, and telling jokes, etc.

2- Invite correct friends 

In order to make the occasion to be fun, you have to invite any friends having a sense of humor or good at telling stories. They will help every moment going forward without boring. Also, don't forget your friends have at least a camera and are great at photography and videography.

Smiling, laughing, friendly and crazy moment during the time will be visually captured. In addition, if you have somebody bring any musical instrument like a guitar to play while drinking cool GANZBERG beers together, your cookout party will be more flavorful.

German Premium Beer

3- Be ready for what to take

For a picnic, it is enough to bring only two blankets, a basket, and plastic cooking supplies- spoons, plates and cups, and an easy-mobilized BBQ stove. One more thing importantly, don’t forget to bring 2-3 iceboxes for cooling GANZBERG beers by the number of attendants. Also, it is advisable to bring bendable chairs and tents if you want to get more relaxing and resting over the night.

Last but not least, be prepared anti-insect spray to protect your skin from mosquitos or other bugs and the first aid, which will contain medicines like antiseptic, anti-diarrhea and headache and paracetamol to assist if any person suffering from either a minor illness or injury.

4- Food and GANZBERG

Be Prepared any kinds of food that are easy to cook, yet high in protein and healthy. The best option is to make a barbecue with vegetables plus fruit. These serve everyone’s energy to have more fun all day long and beyond. It will be greater if you have cool GANZBERG beers to consume with the BBQ. Also, you can drink while fishing and enjoying the wonderful scenery with beloved friends as well.

5- After the Time of Joy Ends

You have to think about what to keep after the joyful occasion passed. So you should not miss taking photos or footages in every moment include crazy acts and then create an album or a video story. Don’t keep those visual document in your mind, share them with other friends somewhere or via social media- Facebook and Twitter. Finally, you create a perfect vacation that will always be remembered and have never gone!

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