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Don't want your summer picnic become dull, do you? And would like to increase intimacy with friends or family during the time, right? This wish is not hard to achieve if you realize the following matters. They will assist you to make a colorful picnic with delicious food and amazing taste of GANZBERG beer with beloved friends and people.

1- Dressing

Be open to freedom of dress. Choose clothes that are easy to wear- not too tight, not too heavy or too thick, which can be frustrating your movements during the trip. The best choice is a light shirt and shorts with orange, yellow or white to easily emerge from the natural beauty in the summer. Besides, you should take sneakers with short socks, but do not forget sunglasses and hats to protect your eyes and enhance your beauty and style.

German Premium Beer

2- Easy meal and excellent taste

The smartest alternative is to make barbecue with vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, carrots and peppers! You can bring an outdoor barbecue grill and cut raw meats into small pieces and plug them in skewer with vegetables in advance and keep them in the icebox.

Just bake a fire on the grill when you arrived on the spot, then you can cook. This dish is also rich in protein, which boosts the eaters’ energy, health and beauty. The important thing is that it’s kind of ready-made food so that anyone can cook. You can do it together or shared each other with cool GANZBERG beer. Cheer up and enjoy all together!

3- Cool your drinks

It’s summer. Imagine how wonderful the atmosphere would be if you have GANZBERG beer cooling in the icebox with the delicious barbecue. 2 to 3 iceboxes and fill them with enough ice to cool the drink and maintain the food quality for 5-6 people. Bring more, if there’re more to feed up.

There’s a tactic to get GANZBERG taste more amazingly and beautifully inside the glass as its taste. After opening up the beer bottle’s ring, please lean the glass slightly and pour the drink at a height of five centimeters above the glass. Do not let the drop of the beer bursting bubbles up until it rises a half, then place the glass upright to make the bubble up into the glass’ surface. After that, you can taste the difference. 

German Premium Beer

4- Bring entertaining materials

You should find a campground next to the lake where tents and bendable chairs are easy to place for sitting down to fish, talking to each other, and enjoying the view of the natural scenery with the GANZBERG flavor. Cheer up the beer. If you luckily catch any fishes, there’s already the stove.

However, Don’t forget to bring guitar and camera to build deeper intimate atmosphere. At that time, there will be any of you disclosing their ability to sing and dance, and to capture the moves. Imagine that, how many times the moment like this can be happened per week, per month, or per year?

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