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All picnics, everyone will want to be happy and relieved. But what if this leisure time gets everyone tired and dirty with things like hauling heavy luggage, or spending hours worrying about cooking? These problems would not have happened if you knew the six tips we recommence below: 

1- Make it simple, yet attractive

You’d better dress down to engage in beautiful nature. Simply wearing something thin and short yet attractive in colors such as amber, orange or white to stand yourself out in the scenery. Avoid slippers and shoes, sneakers are the best as you need to be on foot through rough trails, the grass or/and up the slope. However, do not miss out sunglasses and cap. These light things could enhance your beauty and own style high, besides protecting your eyes and face from burning sunlight.

2- Forget comfortable chair and desk

Remember that picnics are not an indoor or in-store dining gathering with comfortable chairs, cushions, and air conditioning, but rather a feast time away from downtown. So it is enough to bring only two blankets, a basket, and plastic or compostable cooking supplies- spoons, plates and cups, and an easy-mobilized BBQ stove. One more thing importantly, don’t forget to bring 2-3 iceboxes for cooling GANZBERG beer by the number of attendants. Last but not least, it is advisable to have folding chairs and tents if you want to relax and sleep at night. 

German Premium Beer

3- Prepare less, but make it good

You should prepare everything include ingredients in advance as like as ready-made foods, and then pack those stuff separately in containers, the basket and the iceboxes. Doing so, you don’t waste time and energy to do when arrived the spot. In addition, you should bring the charcoal if you have a wood-burning stove. So you don’t need to spend time finding firewood.

4- Choose the best menu for picnic

You should select the best picnic menu which is easy to cook and rich in proteins that can boost energy, health and beauty. Barbecue, steak, roast beef, some kinds of vegetables, and fruit like apple and banana are the smartest choice. However, don't miss to keep GANZBERG beer cool in the iceboxes. The drink help keeping everyone cool, feeling fresh and creating amazing time.

German Premium Beer

5- Keep things cool and fresh as always

You can bring a number of iceboxes, 3 to 4, according to the number of friends or family members. Fill up each with ice for cooling GANZBERG beer and preserver the quality and taste of the food. Because it will be difficult to find ice stock around the camping area. You can buy on the way so that the ice will not melt faster. With enough ice, you will be able to enjoy the amazing taste of GANZBERG in every single drop.

6- What should and should not do

Because of the outdoor might be isolated by nature, lakes or hills, you should check weather forecasts before setting a date. You should plan other entertaining activities such as kite flying, fishing, cordage pulling game, etc.

Instead, you should not prepare any meal that has a lot of ingredients or foods that need to be kept in cool weather, such as sweets, chocolates, cheeses, ice cream, soda, and fatty foods such as fried chicken. Also don't leave waste there. Have to collect garbage and packaged it back to avoid environmental impact.

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